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How do you fit Intellivent?

Intellivent has been designed to fit inside an appropriately sized PTFE boss. Intellivent is fitted from the inside of the mould. It is fitted so that OD of Intellivent sits snugly on then end of the PTFE boss. When fitting Intellivent please make sure that the wedge of the intellivent is sitting uniformly against the ID of the venting boss you are using. An incorrectly installed Intellivent may have folds or kinks in the wedge that may impact the performance of your vent. To improve the security of Intellivent, we recommend that you use one of our Intellicutters to size and recess the venting boss that you are using.

Why have you developed Intellivent?

More and more of our customers have discovered that the economics of using our vents are improved by mounting them in a PTFE or PEEK boss. Intellivent has been designed for these operators that are using these bosses and want to only pay for our patented valve technology. Due to space, geometry or other considerations, some operators will have to mount their vents directly in the wall of the mould. Our supavent or smarvent ranges will continue to be the best option for these situations.