Venting Faqs

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Smartvent has been designed to fit into an open hole that measures 13mm or 8mm in diameter (depending on which size Smartvent you are using) and 4mm to 8mm in depth. In a cast aluminium mould, this simply requires a hole to be drilled through the mould in the appropriate location. In a sheet metal mould, the placement hole may require a collar to provide sufficient depth.

The location of the vent placement hole will be governed by standard vent hole considerations. Smartvent requires a minimum space clearance of 33mm in diameter around the vent and 10mm of space beyond the vent dome in order to function at its best. The vent will perform better if it is located near a wall or some other feature that will provide some protection from the powder movement.

Fit Smartvent by inserting the closed end of the tube through the placement hole from the outside of the mould until the collar butts up against the outer wall of the mould.

The life expectancy of Smartvent may be increased significantly by mounting it in a PTFE (Teflon®) collar. Please contact us for further details.