Venting Faqs

Cooling Faqs


The Technovent assembly comes with a grub screw. This is used either to hold the thermocouple probe in place or – if you do not want to use a thermocouple probe – to block the thermocouple channel so that compressed air cannot exit the Technovent. If you are using a thermocouple probe, first fit the thermocouple probe and then tighten the grub screw to lock it in place.

We recommend applying a high temperature thread lock to the grub screw and RTV silicone to seal the thermocouple into the Technovent, which will ensure that the grub screw does not leak.

Next, fit the Supavent or Smartvent into the assembly. The “mushroom” top of your chosen vent will fit fully inside the Technovent, ensuring that the assembly is well locked together. It can now be fitted into a standard Supavent or Smartvent mounting hole from the outside.

The fit will be tighter than if not using Technovent – if you find that the fit is too tight, the diameter of the mould’s mounting hole can be opened up slightly. You can then easily attach compressed air lines and thermocouple lines.

Technovent is designed for use with Smartvent or Supavent. The life expectancy of Smartvent and Supavent may be increased significantly by mounting them in a PTFE (Teflon®) collar. Pleasecontact us for further details.