Inventive Solutions for Moulding

Our Supavent and Smartvent products have been the gold standard for facilitating proper vent of rotational moulding tools for many years now. They are fantastically easy to use. They only require the appropriate sized hole drilled in the mould. However, all our vents last longer if they are mounted in a insulative boss. Intellivent has been designed to rely on a insulative boss to function. Bosses are typically made from PTFE and can be modified with an ‘Intellicutter’ to make the Intellivent more secure. This combination of materials reduces the size and cost of the vent while making it more robust.

The vent is produced from a heat-resistant, flexible polymer. It’s unique design features a petalled dome that fits perfectly within the appropriately sized boss. The petals are designed to allow air to enter the mould more efficiently, reducing any artifacts.

Our patented Intellivent technology is particularly easy to use and produces consistent results. It is currently designed to fit 19mm (3/4″) ID boss. Because Intellivent is designed to fit perfectly into a boss, its performance remains consistent throughout the entire production process

Why Intellivent?

  • Reduces scrap rate, cycle time and costs
  • Improves surface quality and finish
  • Solves the part-line blowhole problem
  • Simple to use and easy to install
  • Provides consistent results
  • Will not get affected by large shot weights
  • Can use with existing pressurisation systems

Some of the features of our vents are more specifically described in US Patent 11/033969.