Supacool offers a significant step change in production capabilities for rotational moulding.

Supacool is an internal water cooling unit that has been designed to bolt onto the outside of vent holes. It connects to a compressed air line which then activates an injector that delivers up to three litres of fine water mist inside the part during the cooling process. This contacts the plastic directly causing rapid and efficient cooling from what has traditionally been the most inaccessible part of the rotational moulding cycle.

As the misted water vapourises to steam, large amounts of heat energy are absorbed within the mould dramatically reducing the temperature and the subsequent cooling times usually required. Excess steam produced is then vented back through the unit. This incredibly valuable accessory reduces warping and cycle times significantly.

Best of all, Supacool works with all your existing moulds bolting easily onto the outside of the mould over an existing vent hole.

Why supacool?

  • Cools your parts both internally and externally
  • Faster cooling times increase production
  • Higher quality parts and uniformity
  • Can be used with existing systems
  • Reduces warping and cycle times
  • Produces better quality parts more quickly
  • Improves surface quality and finish

Don’t wait any longer take control of your cooling process and reap the benefits of Supacool immediately. You won’t just save time, you’ll make better quality parts and serve your customers better.

Fitting Requirements

The Supacool unit is easily bolted to the outside of the mould and fits inside a tube 280mm (11”) in diameter and 280mm (11”) long.

Depending on the size and shape of the mould, a solid vent tube extension 44.5mm (1 3/4”) may also be required. Otherwise a standard 25mm (1”) Smartvent is sufficient. Please note if Supacool is to be used against the line of draw a quick release procedure should be incorporated to facilitate mould servicing. Please contact us for further details.

Please be sure to read the manual prior to using this product.


  • Cooling with water is faster – the cooling cycle is usually around 50% of the total cycle time. The use of internal water cooling typically allows for the reduction of the cooling cycle by over 50%.