Soft technology that hits scrap hard!

Supavent is a one-way vent that fits into venting holes in moulds. It replaces the need for other materials usually inserted in these holes and gives better, more consistent results.

The vent is made of a heat-resistant flexible polymer with a blind ended “dome”™ at one end, and an open-ended “mushroom”™ at the other. A carefully-designed slit down one side turns it into a one-way valve, enabling air to enter the mould but preventing it from leaving.

Supavent is currently available to fit into 13mm (1/2”) and 19mm (3/4”) vent holes. Some of the super features of our Supavents are described in US Patent 11/033969.

Why Supavent?

  • Makes production of rotational mouldings easier
  • Reduces scrap rate, cycle time and cost per production cycle
  • Improves surface quality and finish
  • Makes part-line blowholes a thing of the past
  • Simple to use and install
  • Gives repeatable results: because Supavent is a manufactured product designed specifically to fit into venting holes in moulds, its performance is consistent
  • Does not restrict part shrinkage
  • Easily incorporated into current pressurisation systems

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