Accurate Rotational Moulding Accessory.

Technovent takes pressure regulation to the next level by providing a simple method to attach low pressure air lines to moulds, allowing the operators to control the exact timing and extent of your mould pressurisation.

Technovent is constructed from tough stainless steel which will withstand the toughest factory conditions.

Our other venting products Supavent and Smartvent have been providing the rotational moulding industry with improved pressure regulation and passive pressurisation of moulds for some time. Technovent works with these products to give you even greater control.

If used with Supavent and a probe-type thermocouple, this stiffens the Supavent and makes it far more useful with larger moulds with more extensive powder pools

Ensure that your parts come out right first time, every time with Technovent!

Some of the features of our vents are described in US Patent 11/033969.

Why Technovent?

  • Safe and reliable method to attach internal thermocouples and pressurisation lines to the mould to control air temperature
  • Enables the moulder control variation in warpage and shrinkage by dictating the time of release more accurately
  • Helps to ensure that your compressed air lines do not accumulate plastic residue
  • Provides a handle to make Supavent and Smartvent removal easier in factory floor conditions
  • Increases the life of Supavent and Smartvent products